Michter’s US-1 Small Batch Bourbon – Review


Michter’ss bourbon!

The first time I had Michter’s Bourbon I wasn’t nuts about it. I thought it was overly potent, with a strong unsatisfying burn (like gasoline, only brown). Yet after several subsequent samplings it really started to grow on me. There is a complexity there that I missed when I first tried it.

I’m not one to get into the whole descriptive B.S. about “balanced vanilla” or “stone fruit notes” (whatever the hell that is) but I will say that the bourbon-y flavor was rather delicious upon closer inspection — i.e. imbibing. There’s real depth there. So, be patient with Michter’s, give it time, and like mom’s lasagne, you’ll begin to really enjoy it.

Company Specs:

Production: Small Batch. Limited quantities
State of Distillation: Kentucky
Bottling Strength: 91.4 proof (45.7% Alcohol by Volume)
Cooperage: Fire-charred, new American white oak barrels
Tasting Notes: Rich caramel with balanced vanilla, stone fruit notes, smoky depth, with an oak finish
Age: In excess of 8 years.


“…quite simply the best bourbon I’ve had all year”
The Tasting Panel
Fred Minnick

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Tasting Grade: B+

Yeah, I like this stuff. Really nice, rich flavor. Great in a manhattan!

Value Grade: B-

I’ve seen it anywhere from $45 to $52. That’s too high. It should be priced at or around $40, if you ask me. That said, you won’t regret dropping a Grant (the president on the $50 bill) to get one. And if you see it on sale, definitely pick one up.

Overall Grade: B

Michter’s small batch, go for it! It’s not hard to find and it’s better than most of what’s out there.

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