Elijah Craig 18 Bourbon (2015) — Review

Great stuff!
Great stuff!


Wow! I guess that’s I’ll I can say at the moment. Wow!

Company Specs:

The selection process for the Elijah Craig Single Barrel is one of the most stringent at Heaven Hill. From an aging inventory of 1.1 million barrels, the second largest American Whiskey holdings in the world, Master Distillers Craig Beam and Denny Potter select only barrels that have rested at low storage, and then further choose only those that meet their strict nosing and taste criteria.

While taste nuances will vary slightly from one barrel to the other, as they should in a single barrel offering, in general, they have selected for complex, multi-layered taste profiles that balance the 18 years in new charred oak with sweet and spicy grain notes. As befits a Bourbon that has seen 72 variable Kentucky seasons, the finish is long and warm.


Named “American Whiskey of the Year” in 2011 by Whisky Advocate Magazine.

Tasting Rating: A

After a 3-year or more hiatus, Elijah Craig 18 is back! And boy is it ever! No, I’ve never had the stuff before, as I just started drinking bourbon this past summer, but it’s amazing! The rumors I heard about it being one of the best of the best bourbons out there are true, it is. Utterly fantastic.

I definitely get the oak, some vanilla, mint, and caramel. A really complex bourbon with many other flavors that I just can’t articulate. Lovely finish. Long and warm, leaving you desperate for another sip. This stuff is scary good.

Value Rating: A-

I know, I know, you get what you pay for, so if you want the best you better expect to pay for it. But at $120 MSRP (some places it’s $140-plus), it may just be a tad bit overpriced. Then again, what do they charge for Pappy 15 or Pappy 20? Somewhere around there I think. Now, I’ve never had Pappy 15 or 20, so I can’t compare the three, but I’m pretty sure that EC 18 would give them a run for their money.

Overall Rating: A

Get a bottle or two or three. This stuff is great! This is the first time I’ve given a bourbon an “A.”

2 thoughts on “Elijah Craig 18 Bourbon (2015) — Review

  1. Seeing the bottle makes me sad. I gifted the lone bottle I found to a friend who swore to be a whiskey •lover• I proceeded to watch him drink it with Coke. Nearly three quarters of the bottle gone, passed around from the “jack and Coke” crowd; I hyperventilated thinking of the joy it would have given me sipping on that bad boy on my balcony. Instead I saw a fine product absolutely wasted.

    Thank you for the review. Even if it brings back foul memories.


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