Hancock’s President’s Reserve Bourbon — Review

Quality bourbon at an affordable price.  What more can one ask for?
Quality bourbon at an affordable price. What more can one ask for?


Hancock’s President’s Reserve bourbon whiskey is very affordable and also quite delicious. The guy at the liquor store said it was one of the better value bourbons on the market — if you can find it. And I agree.

Company Specs:

In 1775, the Leestown settlement was established along the banks of the Kentucky River by Willis and Hancock Lee. Soon this became a well-known shipping port for tobacco, hemp, and whiskey. The Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey pays tribute to the pioneering spirit of Hancock Lee.

Tasting Notes:

This Single Barrel bourbon whiskey is deep amber in color. The nose is light and sweet with traces of mango and papaya. The body is full and the palate shows a nice balance of honey, clover, fruit and a dash of spice. The finish is long and warm.


2000 Bronze Medal – International Spirits Challenge
1999 Bronze Medal – International Wine & Spirits Competition
1999 Seal of Approval – International Spirits Challenge

Taste Rating: B

It’s funny, but I totally disagree with the company specs in that the finish is very short with minimal burn. Moreover, the dominant tastes are oak, vanilla, rye, pepper, and spice. Of course, it is a single barrel offering, so not every bottle isn’t going to have the same flavor profile.

Value Rating: B+

I paid around $35 for it. At that price, it’s a solid deal. I’d definitely buy another bottle.

Overall Rating: B

Hmmm, a solid B, for sure, almost a B+. Were I to drink this when I first started this blog, I probably would have given it a much higher grade. But since I’ve gained some more experience drinking bourbon, I’ve come to develop a liking for higher proof (Hancock is just under 90 proof), more complex bourbons.

Hancock hits your tongue like a flash in the pan, the flavors are there, bright and vibrant and then gone. Kinda leaves you wanting. But for the price, it’s hard to beat it.

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