Wathen’s Single Barrel Bourbon — Review

Wathen's is a very popular everyday bourbon. It's affordable, it's highly drinkable and it's not hard to find.
Wathen’s is a very popular everyday bourbon. It’s affordable, it’s highly drinkable and it’s not hard to find.


The locals here in Louisville always speak highly of Wathen’s, but it wasn’t until recently that I actually bought a bottle and tried it.  What precipitated the purchase was my discovery of Old Medley 12, which I think is Wathen’s older brother.  I love Old Medley, so getting a bottle of Wathen’s was only a matter of time.

Company Specs:

None that I could find.


None that I could find.

Taste: B-

Smooth and sweet at first, then a pleasant but spicy finish. Easy to drink.

Value: A-

I think you can pick it up for around $35, definitely under $40. For that price, it’s a must buy.  I seem to be saying this a lot, but it’s a great everyday bourbon.  Something to sip on, something to share, something to mix.

Overall: B

I think Wathen’s is a great alternative to the name brand bourbons that everyone is familiar with.  It’s a great change of pace.  As mentioned, it’s competitively priced, so you have no reason not to pick up a bottle.

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