Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection: 1838 Style White Corn — Review


I’m not the biggest fan of Woodford Reserve. As I said in my review, it’s the Buick of bourbons. That said, I was interested to try the Master’s Collection: 1838 Style White Corn because, hey, it sounds cool. I was a bit put off by the $100 price tag but figured I’d give it a go, come what may.

Was I impressed? Is it worth it? Hmmm… where to start?

Company Specs:

The Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection 1838 Style White Corn is the latest and 10th release in the series. It combines innovation and inspiration from distilling industry pioneers Oscar Pepper and Master Distiller James Crow, whom began distilling on the site of our present distillery in 1812.

1838 Style White Corn was created by adjusting the whiskey’s first source of flavor – grain. The use of white corn instead of traditional yellow corn complements additional grains in the whiskey and allows for a sharper whiskey that’s lighter in body with a softer, sweeter, fruit-forward profile.

Color: Light golden honey.

Aroma: Soft and nutty with a malty grain note sweetened with apple fruit, hints of spun sugar, cooked sugar and vanilla. Glimpses of cedar and clove spiciness through a delicate veil of oak smoke.

Flavor: Shortbread and a subtly cool lemon custard note are lightly spiced and dried with a dash of white pepper.

Finish: Long and slightly dry with a lingering sweet, buttery texture.

Tasting Grade: B+

This juice is different. The white corn certainly has an effect. I don’t like it more than regular bourbon, made with yellow corn, but I have to say that sometimes different is good. I definitely get a lemony, popcorn flavor to it that is quite intriguing. If you’re into smelling whiskey, it should be noted that the nose is wonderful.  Super sweet and fruity.

Overall, the company profile specs are on the money. And I believe it’s a whiskey you should certainly try.

Value Grade: D

I’ll put it this way, you won’t have a problem finding a bottle because $100-plus is way too much for this juice. In fact, over the holiday, I saw one liquor store selling it at $80, that’s 20 bones under the MSRP. Yup. Woodford’s being a bit greedy. It comes in a pretty cool bottle, though.

Overall Grade: B

Yeah, it’s overpriced. Every objective review you read on 1838 White Corn is going to bring this up because it’s true. One hundred bucks is too much for this whiskey! Yet, I don’t want to hate on it too much because it’s unique and enjoyable. It’s a great sipper, and a nice detour from your usual pick-me-up.

Try before you buy. You may like it, you may hate it but it’s worth seeking out and experiencing.

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