Henry McKenna Single Barrel – Review


Henry McKenna Single Barrel is the next big thing in bourbon. Yup. Remember you heard it here first.

I may a elementary whiskey reviewer, a bourbon newbie, but like Bob Dylan once said, “You don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

In other words, you don’t have to be a libations sophisticate to know great whiskey at a great price point. And that’s Henry McKenna Single Barrel.

Company Specs:

Bottled in Bond

Aged 10 Years

Nose: There is a peppery pinch to the spicy nose, which fits perfectly with the dark brooding nature of the beast. The slightly singed toast acts as a perfect counter to the mint and orange rind. Really complex and tempting.
Taste: Wow! Loads of everything. As you might expect from the nose. A deep, satin-smooth oak and burnt sugar backdrop allows the malt and rye to have a big say. Lots of vanilla, too.
Finish: Here, as it dries, the corn comes into dominance. Some vanilla toffee, too. Comments: Magnificent stuff from Heaven Hill that really is worth hunting for.


2015 – Excellent, Highly Recommended
at Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Tasting Grade: B+

Wow. It’s as good as they advertise. At 100 proof, you’d think there’d be a huge burn that would overpower the bourbon-y goodness. But nope, the rich and concentrated flavors (which I’m too green to describe) take over.

Value Grade: A

Around $30 (I’ve seen it at $27) for a bottle-in-bond 10-year-old bourbon! You can’t go wrong. It’s worth that and more. I’ve had bourbons that cost twice as much and taste half as good.

Overall Grade: A-

Quite simply a must-buy. Grab a bottle or two before everyone else catches on. And trust me, in the height of the bourbon boom, folks will get it that this stuff is good (hopefully there is a plentiful supply).

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