Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey – Review


Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey — Corner Creek who? Is that a white wine? What the heck?

Yeah, I had never heard of it either.

But one day while visiting the local Kroger Liquor store and being told for the umpteenth time that they did not have any Elmer T Lee, a worker told me to check out Corner Creek, which was located on the top shelf of the store among the other premium bourbons.

“It’s up there for a reason,” he said, pointing to the shelf.

The bottle was priced at $28 but was marked down to $20. I couldn’t resist. $20 for a supposedly quality bourbon, I’m in.

Well, the worker was right. At $20, Corner Creek was a helluva buy.

Company Specs:

Name: Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey
Producer: Corner Creek Distillery Co.
Location: Bardstown, Kentucky, USA
Proof: 88
Blend: Wheat, Corn, Rye
Taste: A selection of the distillery’s finest barrels.
Smoothed to perfection with pure Kentucky
limestone water. Full-bodied, but without any
Production: Limited


The 50 Best Premium Bourbon Tasting tested 27 of the world’s top bourbon whiskeys. Corner Creek was one of only a handful of brands to earn the prestigous Gold Medal.

Gold Medal
92 rating
(Beverage Testing Institute Internatonal Review of Spirits-2013,2010)

Tasting Grade: C+

I’m a tough grader, so don’t be discourage by the C+. I think a C is average, so what I’m saying is that Corner Creek taste-wise is slightly above average.

Value Grade: A

At $20 it’s a steal. At $28 is a great buy. Think of all the other namesake bourbons out there between those two price points. In that context, CC blows them almost all out of the water.

Overall Grade: B

Next time you see someone about to grab a bottle of Jim Beam or Wild Turkey or Evan Williams or Makers Mark tell them to instead give Corner Creek a try. I think they’ll be more than pleased by the recommendation. Likewise, you should compare it with your every day, go-to bourbon.

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