Willett Rye (2 Year) – Review

WIllett rye, good stuff!
WIllett rye, good stuff!


Unlike Willett Bourbon (pot still bourbon, not the other stuff which I have yet to try), I really like Willett rye or as it’s officially known, “Willett Family Estate Bottled Rye Aged 2 Years Cask Strength (ALC/VOL varies).”

Unfortunately though, Willett rye doesn’t like me all that much. For whatever reason, if I have more that one dram of Willett rye I get a pounding headache. Don’t know what it is.

Company Specs:

Color: Old Gold
Nose: Cherry, pinewood, cereal grain notes, vanilla, oranges; with water added, licorice, perfume
Palate: Mint, honey, citrus notes, corn
Finish: More mint, herbal; with water added, floral and fruit notes


None that I could find.

Tasting Grade: B-

It’s spicy and strong, and it’s excellent in a cocktail. I do taste the mint as well as those “citrus notes.” A solid everyday rye.

Value Grade: B

I think you can pick one up for around $30. Given that it’s cask strength, that’s a pretty good deal.

Overall Grade: B-

Not the best rye on the market but a nice option at its price point.

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