Medley’s Private Stock — Review

This bourbon is 10 years old.
This bourbon is 10 years old.  And it’s good stuff. 


I love Old Medley 12, I also really like Wathen’s, so I was super excited to taste Medley’s Private Stock — all of which are made by Charles Medley Distillery, Inc.

I have no idea what the deal is with Charles Medley Distillery. All of their websites are screwed up, so details are sparse. But their bourbons are delicious! Private Stock is no exception. From an article I read, there were only about 1,000 cases of Private Stock released this year.

Company Specs:

Again, I didn’t find much. But from what I read it’s a 10-year-old expression that uses rye as its secondary grain. It’s 90 proof.


None that I found,

Tasting Rating: A-

Wow! It’s good. Really good. Super easy to sip. Though, compared to Old Medley, it’s definitely spicier, more pepper, more mint, more rye flavor.

Value Rating: C

I get it, it’s rare. Really rare. But at $60 a bottle it’s slightly overpriced. By comparison, Old Medley 12 is ten dollars cheaper (and I like Old Medley better)! And Wathen’s is only 30!

Medley’s Private Stock is bold and delicious, but I don’t like the $60 price tag.

Overall: B+

Yes, buy some if you can find some! It’s a really nice whiskey (you’ll love it if you like bourbon’s that go a bit heavier on the rye). Sure, it’s not the best deal out there, but who knows when the next time this expression will come around. I’m happy I snagged a bottle.

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