1792 Small Batch — Review

1792, not a bad bourbon.  Not great either.
1792, not a bad bourbon. Not great either.


1792 is not hard to find.  I think everyone is carrying it nowadays, which is good, especially if you want a break from the other ubiquitous brands: Woodford, Bulleit, Beam, Maker’s, Buffalo Trace, etc.

But it’s not a standout bourbon.  It’s a nice change-up, but not an everyday go-to — if you know what I mean.

Company Specs:

Sophisticated and complex. A distinctly different bourbon created with precise craftsmanship. Made from our signature “high rye” recipe and the marriage of select barrels of carefully chosen by our Master Distiller. 1792 Bourbon has an expressive and elegant flavor profile. Unmistakable spice mingles with sweet caramel and vanilla to create a bourbon that is incomparably brash and bold, yet smooth and balanced. Elevating whiskey to exceptional new heights, 1972 Bourbon is celebrated by connoisseurs worldwide.


I couldn’t copy and paste em, but you can view them here.

Tasting Rating: C

Wow, they really speak highly of it, don’t they?  Well, quite honestly, I didn’t find anything distinct or dynamic about it. Some bourbons really stand out and are immediately recognizable: Booker’s, Stagg Jr., Elmer T. Lee, Old Medley, Weller 107, and then there are bourbon’s that just taste like, well, run-of-the-mill bourbon.  For me, 1792 falls into that latter category.  Maybe it’s because I’m not a savvy reviewer just yet that I can’t discover it’s “brash and bold” characteristics or maybe it’s just what it is, a decent, regular old whiskey.

Value Rating: B

I think you can pick up a bottle of 1792 for $30, which is not a bad deal.  It’s on par with Woodford,  and the other ubiquitous bourbons I mentioned above, and also cheaper.  So, in that sense, it’s a solid choice.

Plus, there is the whole elegant factor.  1792 is packaged well.  It’s sleek.  It’s a great bottle to gift to someone or to bring to a party.

Overall Rating: C+

Yeah, 1992 is okay.  Not awesome, not outstanding, but not horrible either.  It’s in that mid-range pack, which means it’s not hard to find and not hard to drink.  You could do much worse than 1792.

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