Yellowstone Limited Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon — Review

Nice packaging!  But is it worth the high-end price tag?
Nice packaging! But is it worth the high-end price tag?


I feel like whiskey makers are getting bold these days. They know it’s a seller’s market. Bourbon and Rye are in demand and they’re not afraid to cash in on the craze with special offerings.

When I think of Yellowstone Limited Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon, that’s what comes to mind. See, at $100-plus per bottle, it has all the appearance of a money grab.

Think about it. Buffalo Trace’s Antique Collection retails for around $80 per bottle. And that’s the standard for top-of-line whiskey. So, unless you got something really special, going north of $100 takes some real chutzpah.

Company Specs:

Appearance: Dark, rich amber
Nose: Sweet fig, cinnamon toast with a hint of oaked caramel and vanilla
Palate: Toffee, dried leather, oaked vanilla
Finish: Rye notes with a cinnamon spice finish

“A true family affair, Yellowstone was born when my father’s grandfather, Minor Case Beam, sold his Old Trump Distillery to Joseph Bernard Dant, pioneer distiller and relative to my mother. I am proud to welcome the Yellowstone brand back to our family 105 years later with this perfectly smooth blend of the finest 12-year rye, 7-year rye, and 7-year wheated Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, lovingly bottled at 105 proof: the only way to celebrate this family legacy.”

— Stephen B. Beam


None that I could find, which might make sense considered it was just released this year.

Tasting Rating: B

Like A1 Steak Sauce, it’s bold and spicy. It’s also layered and complex, in a good way. I like it. I definitely taste the rye spice, but I think it’s more peppery than cinnamon. It’d be an excellent mixer for a cocktail.

Value Rating: D

What ruins the experience for me is that I can’t help but to think that this whiskey was priced way too high. At $50, maybe $60 is where I think it should fall.

Overall Rating: C

What can I say? The look and packaging of the whiskey are cool, trendy, but the juice inside leaves me a little underwhelmed — only because it’s priced so high. I don’t regret buying the bottle, but at the same time, there are a lot of other whiskeys on the market that are as good, if not better, and significantly cheaper.

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