Evan Williams Single Barrel — Review

Evan Williams Single Barrel -- Why not?
Evan Williams Single Barrel — Why not?


I toured the Evan Williams site in downtown Louisville.  It reeked of campy commercialism, kinda like an attraction at Disney World.  So, naturally, I didn’t want to like the bourbon.  But I did.

Company Specs:

There website is a bit screwy.  I couldn’t access their specs readily, so, after a few tries I stopped trying.

Tasting Rating: B-

It’s really good for a $30, 10-year-old, single barrel bourbon.  Really good.  It’s not great.  But it’s really good.  A lot of flavor, bold, but not too biting or sharp.

Value Rating: A-

For $30 you can’t go wrong.  It fits all sorts of needs.  You can drink it.  You can serve it to guests, happily (you’re not giving away your best stuff).  You can find it anywhere.  You can gift it.

Overall Rating: B

Evan Williams Single Barrel is good stuff for a good price.  I certainly keep a bottle on hand.  And when this one runs out, I’ll certainly buy another.

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